Verizon iPhone sold out online

It’s safe to say the Verizon iPhone is a runaway hit. Read on to see how it’s already breaking records — before it’s even officially released!

Verizon iPhone sells out online

It’s safe to say that the Verizon iPhone is a runaway success.

Thursday was the first day of online pre-orders for the Feb. 10 release date of the Verizon iPhone – and Verizon had to shut down online ordering because of the demand.

Verizon iPhone: Sold out online in 17 hours

Customers who were hoping to pre-order the Verizon iPhone online before the official release date will now have to wait until Feb. 9 to purchase online again.

“The pre-order period for Verizon customers began today at 3:00 am ET and was expected to continue up until the launch date of February 10,” Ticonderoga Securities analyst Brian White told Forbes.

“However, demand was so overwhelming strong that the iPhone 4 inventory dedicated to this pre-order period was used up in approximately 17 hours and the Internet portal closed this evening at approximately 8:10 pm ET.”

Verizon iPhone: Only a few more days

The online tech blog Mashable reports that the Verizon iPhone will be available online again on Feb. 9 at 3:01 am. The Verizon iPhone will also be available at Verizon stores starting Feb. 10 at 7 am.

Are you looking forward to the Verizon iPhone release date?

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