Spring clean your closet

New seasons bring new styles, and the temptation to shop gets fiercer as more and more stores introduce fresh new items. Before you shop until you drop, though, consider the following ideas for spring-cleaning your closet, freshening up your wardrobe and saving money.

Woman going through closet


If it doesn’t fit, get rid of it.

Go through your closet and toss anything you pull out (clothing, shoes and accessories) that no longer fits. You only have so much closet space, so holding onto a pair of jeans that you can no longer zip up is just taking up valuable space.

2Host a style swap.

This is a great way to save money and refresh your closet. Invite your girlfriends (and tell them to pass the invite on to their friends) to bring all the items they no longer wear (as long as they’re not ripped or stained) for trading with other attendees. Ideally, everyone leaves with several articles of new-to-her clothing while offloading things no longer needed.

3Mix & match.

Often, we get so used to wearing certain tops with specific pairs of pants (and vice versa) that we miss out on other potential outfits that could be right there in front of us. Shake things up style-wise by mixing up how you put outfits together. You may be surprised at how many new possibilities are hidden in your closet.

4See if anything old is new again.

Before you toss the items that have been relegated to the back of your closet for the past five years, take a closer look to see if any of them have made their way back into the style spotlight. Chances are, at least a few things can be put back into rotation.

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