Smooth, silky legs the eco-friendly way

Many of us are trying to make changes in our daily lives that are better for the environment. You might recycle religiously or drink from a refillable container rather than water bottles. But what about your shaving routine? Everyone loves silky smooth legs — and here’s how you can get them the eco-friendly way with recyclable razors and these green shaving tips.

Woman shaving legs

Green shave: The recyclable razor

The two things you can do to make your shaving more eco-friendly are to recycle and to replace blades less often.

Preserve RazorsThe razor

How many razors do you estimate you’ve gone through in the past five years? How many blades do you use each month? If those razors are going into the trash, and eventually into a landfill, there’s a better solution. Preserve makes razors that are completely recyclable. Although the handle is meant to last a lifetime, it is made from recycled #5 plastic.

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The razor blades

But what about those replacement blades? How can you extend the life of the blade without awful, stinging nicks and cuts? There is some evidence that drying the blade can extend the life of the razor. Radio host and consumer advocate Clark Howard put the theory to the test by using a disposable razor and towel-blotting it dry after each use. He successfully used a single 17-cent razor for one year. Further, Brian Cohn, who invented a razor-storage device with a small drying fan, funded research from an independent laboratory–which found that his fan invention extended the razor blade life 122 percent on average.

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Extend the life of your razor blades

You don’t need a new gadget to extend the life of your razor blades. Simply try the following tips for free:

  • Vigorously shake razor to remove water drops.
  • Blot the blade on a towel. Alternatively, blast with a blow dryer for a few seconds.
  • Find a dry place to store your razor, away from steamy showers.

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A greener shave gel

Another way to extend the life of your blade is by letting hair soften before shaving. Apply an eco-friendly or organic shave gel (or moisture-packed shower gel) and allow it to sit on the skin for a few minutes.Wondering if your shave gel is green? Many popular shaving creams contain petrochemicals, parabens, diethanolamine, lauryl and laureth sulfates, synthetic fragrance and phthalates — bad for you, bad for the environment and that doesn’t even consider the eco-unfriendly packaging in which most shave gels are packaged.

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Look for plant-based shave gel ingredients

So where to start? Look for plant-based ingredients that are kinder to the environment and your skin and body. Two to try: Alba Purely Simple Moisturizing Shaves in Mango Vanilla and Dr. Bronner’s Organic Shikakai Shave Gel in Lemongrass Lime. You also can find out if your current gel is green at sites like Skin Deep, or read about tools for mindful consumerism.

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Lock in post-shave moisture

As soon as you hop out of the shower, slather on lotion or body oil to lock in moisture. You can look for lotions that contain natural, organic ingredients, or keep it simple with some extra-virgin organic coconut oil for smooth gams and the summer-perfect scent of freshly cracked coconut.

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Going green is good for your budget

A bonus benefit? By extending the life of those expensive razor blades and replacing pricey lotions with pure coconut oil, you can save money, too. A green shaving routine is good for your body, the planet and your online savings account!

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