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SK SPOTLIGHT: Red, orange and yellow

Right now, we’re all about the warm colors from the first half of the rainbow: red, orange and yellow. It may be cold outside, but you can heat things up countless ways with these hot hues!

red - orange - yellow


Celeb dresses

Celeb style

Check out how these stars dress up with color!

Celebrities wearing red

Celebrities wearing orange

Celebrities wearing yellow


More celebrity color

Accessorize this!

Comfy red shoes

Zesty orange shoes

Hello, sunshine: Yellow accessories

Accessories & style

Home style

Get inspired! Dress up your home with these bold & beautiful red, orange and yellow color schemes!


  • Hot lamps, lanterns & lighting
  • 8 Ways to play up your style
  • Living room

    Kitchen gear

    Top 10

    From the pots and pans you use on the stove to the turner that helps you flip your pancakes, it’s easy to brighten up your kitchen by adding some yellow, orange and red kitchen accessories & utensils.

    >> Get started here!

    orange ribbon


    Baby names that mean red

    Baby names meaning
    orange & yellow

    orange ribbon

    Colorful craftiness

    Orange and cinnamon

    Recipes with red, orange & yellow foods

    red-orange-yellow food

    Savory recipes

    1. Orange Chicken
    2. Texas Red Chili
    3. Honey recipes
    4. Zesty Shrimp and Orange Fajitas
    5. Red pepper puree
    6. Creative carrot recipes
    7. Yellow Squash Soup
    8. Red bean hummus
    9. Mac and cheese recipes
    10. Red bell pepper recipes

    Sweet recipes

    1. Red Velvet Chocolate Cupcakes
    2. Tropical Orange Waffles
    3. Easy Orange Marmalade
    4. Black Bottom Cherry Dessert
    5. Bittersweet Chocolate Orange Butter
    6. Dairy-Free Lemon-Zested Sugar Cookies
    7. Orange crescent cookies
    8. Chocolate-covered strawberries
    9. Orange meringue cookies
    10. Orange dreamsicle cupcakes

    Drink it up: Red, yellow & orange beverage recipes

    Red wine spritzer | Red, Red, Red Smoothie | Jersey Shore’s Ron Ron Juice recipe
    Orange gimlet cocktail | Sugar-free, Low-carb Red Punch | Refreshing lemonades


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      Color your travel

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