Beauty tips for freezing weather

When the temperatures are really cold outside, you need to change up your beauty routine. Some cosmetics don’t work well or look good when you are going from a warm house to the freezing outdoors. Follow these makeup and haircare tips when it’s freezing outside.

Winter beauty

Avoid liquid foundation

Liquid foundation does not hold up in extreme temperature changes. For long-lasting coverage, choose a cream-to-powder foundation instead. Loose powder is also not a good idea as it may leave your skin looking dry and cracked.

Use waterproof eye makeup

All your eye makeup should be waterproof — mascara, liner and eye shadow — if you want it to last in cold, snowy weather. Consider cream shadow, if you have extremely dry skin.

Don’t leave the house with wet hair

It’s not that you will catch a cold, but you will damage your hair if you leave the house when it’s wet. Wet hair can freeze, causing breakage.

Use lipstick with beeswax

To keep your lips from drying out, use lipsticks with beeswax and other emollients rather than just lipgloss.

Avoid makeup with red/pink undertones

Use foundation and blush with yellow or blue undertones, rather than red or pink. Your skin, particularly your cheeks, will already get a natural redness to it from the weather.

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