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High-tech Valentine’s Day gifts: Cool jewelry for the chick tech fiend

What woman doesn’t like a nice piece of jewelry on Valentine’s Day, the most romantic day of the year? For techies — or just gals with adventurous, contemporary tastes, these attractive (and sometimes functional) pieces of high-tech jewelry will please them more than your average gemstone-adorned bracelet. Put these high-tech fashion gadgets on your Valentine’s Day gift wish list.

Valentine's Day Jewelry

1Novero Bluetooth Earpiece Necklace (Victoria Collection)

Novero is a tech company that specializes in accessories – Bluetooth headsets, smartphone stands and high-tech jewelry. This over-the-top specialty piece from Novero is a pearl necklace with pendant that actually hides an earpiece and works as a Bluetooth device. It’s part of the new Victoria collection, which is available at Saks Fifth Avenue (and retails for a pretty penny — so don’t get sticker shock).

Cost:  $110,500

2Cat5 Choker

Tech fiends and old-school nerds alike will appreciate the novelty of this necklace — it’s created from colorful Category 5 Ethernet cables. The clasp is even fashioned out of a capacitor, and it has a matching Cat5 bracelet (retailing for $12). The chain is adjustable from 12 to 14 inches, making the whole set a sweet bargain at $28.

Cost: $28

3Oceanic Blue Motherboard Pendant

This glassy, stark blue pendant is handmade by Etsy seller Shelly Mac designs, and features a sleek, glossy sheen. Slip it onto any chain — you can dress it up or keep it casual, since the design works well for both day and night.

Cost: $30

4Faux Circuit-Board Earring and Necklace Set

The faux circuit-board earring and necklace set is a cool gift for women who know a little something about hardware. Made of polymer clay, it has a circuit board pattern etched into it. This set is also handmade and available on Etsy from Wasabeads.

Cost: $15

5Silver-Plated USB Necklace

HighTech Jewelry’s silver-plated USB necklace is a funky. modern way to wear your data around your neck. While the USB necklace has been done before, we’ve yet to see one adorned with Swarovski crystals — and this beauty does. The necklace comes on a silver-plated ball chain and provides 1 GB of memory.

Cost:  $69

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