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How to create your own spa


Whether you’re a working woman, a mom, or both, it’s important to have a space in your home that allows you to unwind and enjoy simple pleasures. Creating your own spa bathroom is easier than you think! Here is a quick guide on how to enlighten and relax every one of your senses.


For most people, visuals engage us first. For your spa bath, go with colors that will make you feel comfortable, relaxed and at home. Think beyond the usual “spa blue” and make your bathroom personal.

Lighting creates atmosphere and helps establish moods. Make sure that you have multi-directional lighting from several light sources and invest in putting all of the lights on dimmers, this will help create just the right ambiance.

If you have big windows in your bath, try Hunter Douglas Privacy Sheers to allow in the maximum amount of natural light without compromising privacy.

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Your home spa is your haven and that means loud noises should be left at the door. Envelope yourself in natural sounds. The sounds will help calm your nerves and relax your mind. I love the sound of a waterfall, so if you have the space mount a Nojqui fountain by Water Wonders. It adds a great sound along with a true spa look. If you don’t have the wall space, try one of these indoor water fountains. For something more portable, this sound machine by Brookstone will do the trick!


Make sure your home spa has its own relaxing and refreshing scent. I love Seda France candles, especially the toile Pagoda box collection. The collection has a variety of scents to suit anyone’s taste including Clementine, Hyacinth, French Tulip and Japanese Quince. Scents will relax you and your mind to make you feel as if you’re in a luxurious spa. Cucumber is also a relaxing scent to have in the air with its fresh and ripe scent that will put your mind and body at ease.

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Think about wrapping yourself in a luxurious towel when you exit the bath. I think it makes a big difference if your bath towels, robe and bath mats are soft and plush! Try the Pottery Barn’s Classic 820-Gram Weight Towels. They perfectly fit the bill, come in great colors and have a matching bath mat. Having something warm, fluffy and soft on your skin is the perfect relaxation method.


Treat yourself like you are in a top spa and finish your experience with a cup of delicious tea! My favorites are Scarlet Glow from In Pursuit of Tea and Sweet Fruit Garden from Teavana — two of my favorite tea companies. I hope that each sip helps you achieve the serenity and peace that every one of us busy, multi-tasking women deserves!

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