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Spice up your fireplace

Robin Baron

With all the snow fall happening all over the country, staying home and snuggling up by a fire sounds better and better. A fireplace is not only beneficial for the environment but also helps cut down your electricity bill. Outfit your fireplace with stylish accessories that will look great and help keep your home a haven from the cold.

Perfect screen, perfect scene

One of the most important fireplace accessories, from both a practical and design perspective, is the screen. There are so many looks available that it’s a great place to express your personal style. For a romantic look, this Cast-iron Scrollwork Fireplace Screen from Front Gate is a great choice. It’s a piece that will call attention to your fireplace, inviting you to cozy up in style.

For a more whimsical look, I like this Marin iron mesh screen from JC Penny. It has a wonderful transitional look that can give a traditional room a little more “edge” or make a contemporary space feel more inviting.

hot accessories

Once you have the screen, complete the look with fireplace accessories like pokers, brooms and log racks. Blomus offers some of the best high-end, contemporary fireplace accessories. One of my favorite products is this Bepop wood rack; it artfully displays fireplace logs and looks more like a sculpture than a tool of utility. All made of stainless steel, their airy designs and sleek shapes offer a contemporary spin on the traditional tools.

make your own heat

No fireplace? No Chimney? No problem! If you don’t have a built-in fireplace, many companies have wall mounted and freestanding units made just for you. These type of units are fueled by Ethanol and can be used anywhere, including city apartments.

These sleek, stainless steel ones by Blomus can be mounted to a wall. With these, you can think beyond your living space and think about adding a fireplace to your bedroom or bathroom.

If you don’t have the space to mount a fireplace on the wall, try this freestanding one. You can move it around to different rooms in your home to find your perfect warm and relaxation haven.

don’t burn your options

These ventless fireplaces have become so popular that there are many companies and looks to choose from. I’m currently using one from New York Hearth Cabinets for a New York City client. They can be used to create the look of a traditional fireplace when one is not possible. Eco Smart is another great company with many options.

These fireplace units can really help you enjoy your home in ways you haven’t before, so…think “out of the box” and find the right one for you to cozy up to on those cold winter nights.

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