12 Date night beauty prep tips

Woman putting on perfume before a date

How to mentally prepare for a first date

Now that you’re beautified, it’s time to prepare mentally for your date. You’re probably excited, but nervous. Here are a few of our favorite strategies to help you stay calm, cool and collected as your date night approaches.

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Kate Walsh recommends date night beauty tipsKate Walsh’s Date Night Beauty Tips

We caught up with Kate Walsh of Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice find out how she gets date-ready. She gave us her 8 best tips on getting ready for a date. Above all, she recommends taking a quick 20-minute cat nap so that you wake up feeling (and looking!) refreshed. She also suggests having an outfit picked out beforehand to save time dancing in front of the mirror in multiple outfits. Find out what else she suggests for date night beautifying!

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