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How to apply blush perfectly

A healthy, happy glow can make any woman look alive and vibrant. It exudes youth and vitality and can be achieved by using blush on your cheeks; however, choosing the right shade, type and technique is the key to getting the right look.

Woman applying blush

The right type

Choosing the right formula is important to enhance your features. As a rule of thumb, to make your makeup last long and blend well, choose a blush formula that is the same as your foundation.


The first type we think of is powder blush, which works on almost any skin type. However, powder blush is best for oily skin types and should be applied with a large, fluffy blush brush.

2Gel or liquid blush

Gel or liquid blush formulas have great staying power and work best on normal to oily skin. While they seem like they could be good for dry skin, these formulas are actually more drying themselves and have longevity. Gels and liquid stains are best applied with your fingers and it is best to keep baby wipes on hand to immediately clean fingers and prevent them from staining.

3Cream blush

Cream blush is best for aging or dry skin due to their rich formulas. Because they are so moisturizing, they do not work well on oily skin and can emphasize blemished skin. These are also best applied with your fingers.

4Airbrush blush

The latest formulas of blush can be applied using an airbrush machine. These formulas are ideal for all skin types since they are light and airy. The difficult part is applying in the right area of the face and not making a mistake.

Choose the right shade

The best blush will brighten your face and not make it look sallow, ashy or washed out. You want to look for colors that match your natural flush, so the next time you exercise, take a look at your cheeks and take note of the color tones. Take note and look for colors that complement your skin’s natural undertones. Warm complexions will look best in colors with yellow undertones like peach, copper or coral or brown-based pinks. Cool undertones will look best in berry colors or bluish-pinks.

Custom blush

Some of my favorites now are formulas that adjust to individual skin tones and take the guess work out of the process! If you like gel formulas, Smashbox has O-glow and if you like powder, Stila has Custom Color Blush. These formulas work with individual pH levels, which can vary from day to day- meaning the perfect shade every time.


Now that you have chosen your type of blush and color, it is time to apply for your most natural, flattering look.

Natural look: Apply blush to the apples of your cheeks. For a truly natural look, trying combining a bronzer and a bright tone blush (think bright pink or peach). Start with the blush on the apples of your cheeks and blend in a dusting of bronze below your cheekbones. You can also reverse the look by applying a light dusting of bronzer to your entire cheekbone and then swirl the brighter color onto the apples of your cheeks.

Dramatic look: For a more dramatic look, blend your blush up toward your temples. This look is best at night and can be too harsh for daytime. If you do go overboard with your blush, you can dab foundation with your fingers over the blush.

For glowing, radiant skin: Apply a pink toned blush to the apples of your cheeks and then blend in a small drop of liquid highlighter over.

Makeup artist secret for a “Lit from within look”: Apply a primer to your face. Next, apply a liquid or cream blush to your cheeks and follow with your foundation.

For sagging skin: Choose a bright pink blush to disguise sagging cheeks. The bright color will create draw the eye upward and create an illusion of fuller, higher cheeks.

Caring for makeup tools

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