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5 Vodka beauty treatments

Vodka isn’t just for drinking. It actually has plenty of other uses — including some beauty treatments.

Vodka1Vodka astringent

To tighten your pores, get rid of grime and refresh your skin, use straight vodka as an astringent. Apply with a cotton ball both morning and night.

2Vodka shampoo

Put a shot of vodka into your bottle of shampoo to help cleanse your hair and scalp. Some say that vodka can also stimulate hair growth.

3Vodka mouthwash

I’m not sure why you’d want to make your own mouthwash, but if you do, you can use vodka. Mix 1/4 cup of cinnamon with two cups of vodka. Seal in an airtight container for a week. Strain through a coffee filter, then mix the liquid with an equal part of warm water to create the mouthwash.

4Vodka dandruff treatment

Put three teaspoons of crushed rosemary into a cup of vodka. Let it set overnight and then strain through a coffee filter. Massage the liquid into your scalp and let it dry. Rinse with cool water.

5Vodka foot wash

For foot odor, wash your feet in straightvodka or add a little to your foot bath when giving yourself a pedicure or soaking your feet after working out.

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