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3 Romantic hairstyles for Valentine’s Day

On the most romantic day of the year, your hairstyle should be elegant, feminine and romantic too. Here are three romantic hairstyles that are perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's day hair ideas


Low bun

With a classic bun, your hair is straightened and then brushed back and pulled up. The hair is then rounded over and pinned into place with bobby pins to create the actual bun. Many buns are worn high on the head, but for a modern, romantic look, make your bun low toward the nape of the neck.

2Messy updo

Intead of tucking every hair into place in a sleek bun, you can pull your hair into a high updo and leave the style messy. This is a fabulous romantic look for curly hair. If your waves are a bit frizzy, use a curling iron to touch up the ends. Check out these other tips for creating a messy updo.

3Long and loose

For hair longer than shoulder length, an updo can be very heavy and difficult to manage. So don’t be afraid to leave your hair down, particularly if it’s curly or wavy. If you want to add some waves to your straight hair, follow these hairstyle tips. You can also wear your hair half-up and half-down. This romantic hairstyle pulls the front portion of your hair up in a clip, leaving the back long.

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