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Jumpin’ Jammer’z and Pajama Jeans: Just say no

Jumpin’ Jammer’z and Pajama Jeans are taking the ‘As Seen on TV’ world by storm with their campy appeal. Does this signal the end of personal style?

Jumpin' Jammer'z

If you’ve watched TV at all lately, then it’s likely you’ve been attacked by the various commercials for Jumpin’ Jammer’z and Pajama Jeans. Sure, the commercials are cheesy, but the sad thing is that people are actually buying these ridiculous pieces of clothing.

Are we now a nation filled with lazy people who’d rather look ridiculous than put together a respectable outfit? Sadly, it seems like it.

Jumpin’ Jammerz: Latest craze

Jumpin’ Jammerz basically look like the footie PJs our moms put on us as kids, except this time they come in adult sizes. They come in a variety of styles and designs – including various animal prints, clouds, penguins and university sports teams.

Sure, there’s a novelty and fun silliness to revisiting our childhood night-time wear, but the commercials for these actually suggest we “party” in then. Um, OK.

What’s more offensive is the price — $44.99 for a standard adult size. Sure, the TV commercials offer deals, but we’re not so sure we’d pay $10 for something like that.

Watch the Jumpin’ Jammer’z commercial

Pajama Jeans: Sayonara, Style?

Pajama Jeans

The commercial for Pajama Jeans actually upsets us more than Jumpin’ Jammer’z. Pajama Jeans – the one-size-fits-all sweatpants that look like denim – are touted as a comfortable way to wear jeans without all the stiffness of regular jeans. They tout them as great options for bed, the office and date-night thanks to their “butt-lifting design.”


We haven’t actually looked at Pajama Jeans up close, but we’re willing to bet that they look like cheap polyester sweats. And — like Jumpin’ Jammer’z — they cost entirely too much for something so ridiculous: $39.95.

Watch the Pajama Jeans commercial

Sign of the times

Jumpin’ Jammer’z and Pajama Jeans – no matter how they’re marketed – are signs of a bigger problem, let’s call it the “People of Wal-Mart” epidemic. Sure, we love to laugh at it, but people are actually buying and wearing these things out in public.

What ever happened to putting on decent clothes to go out in public? Sure, we’re all busy – but we’re not that busy.

How do you feel about Jumpin’ Jammer’z and Pajama Jeans: Super practical or super ridiculous?

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