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Report: Verizon iPhone will be unveiled this week

The Washington Post is reporting that the long-awaited Verizon iPhone will be announced on Tuesday. When can Verizon customers get their hands on the iPhone?

Verizon iPhone announcement Tuesday Jan. 11

Get excited, Verizon users: the Verizon iPhone will be unveiled Tuesday, according to the Washington Post.

Many expected the announcement to come during Verizon’s presentation at the Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Convention, but that didn’t happen. Instead, tech media received a bright-red invite to a Verizon press event on Tuesday, Jan. 11 at 11 a.m. 1/11/11 at 11 – a bit dramatic, huh?

Verizon iPhone: February announcement

The Verizon iPhone announcement will end AT&T’s exclusive contract with Apple to sell the iPhone. AT&T has come under fire for the instability of their network and service range.

Industry insiders expect that the Verizon iPhone will be available on Tuesday, Feb. 3. Verizon employees are reportedly being told that they can’t take any time off around that time.

Verizon iPhone: What about the iPhone 5?

Tech blog Engadget brought up a good point – Verizon users will be anxious to snap up the iPhone, but what about the iPhone 5? Apple is known to release their iPhones on a yearly basis, so we can likely expect an iPhone 5 during the summer of 2011.

Either way, it’s very exciting for Verizon customers and iPhone fans.

Will you buy a Verizon iPhone?

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