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6 Tips for using concealer

To hide under eye circles, pimples, age spots and other imperfections, use concealer and blend, blend, blend away your flaws.

ConcealerUnder the eyes

For dark circles, use a shade lighter than your foundation. For puffy eyes, use a shade darker than your foundation.

To hide veins

Use yellow-based concealer to hide spider veins or bruises.

Throw it out

Don’t keep concealer for more than a year. It could harbor dirt, germs and bacteria which will cause your face to breakout.

Hydrate your skin

Prep your skin with moisturizer to create a smooth base. Allow your skin to “drink up” the moisturizer before applying the concealer.

Blend, blend, blend

Apply your concealer with your fingertip (the ring finger often works best) or brush and then use a triangular sponge to blend. You can use concealer on top or underneath your foundation. Finish with a light dusting of translucent powder.

A little dab will do

Less is more when it comes to concealer. Start with a very small amount. If you use too much, it will look thick and cakey.

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