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High-tech health: Technology for heart health

According to the American Heart Association, coronary heart disease is the leading cause of death for American women. Rather than scare you, our aim is to make sure you know how important it is to hold your heart in the highest regard. From websites and apps to tests and tools, we’ve rounded up a variety of high-tech health tools you need to ensure you stay heart-healthy this year and beyond.

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Heart health websites

People concerned with how their overall health may be affecting their heart could benefit from the Better U Program, a free 12-week online fitness and nutrition program aimed at improving heart health. Get daily health tips, track your progress, access nutritious recipes, use the online journal and connect with other health-conscious participants on the forum.

At Heart Healthy Living, users can access a multitude of up-to-date information and heart health resources. From healthy recipes to quizzes that help assess risk of heart disease to at-home workouts for all fitness levels, anyone concerned about overall health and wellness will find this site useful.

On the horizon is the iPhoneECG, a device that turns the iPhone 4 into a heart monitor. Oklahoma physician Dr. David Albert invented a slim case that fits over the iPhone, featuring low-power electrodes;  when pressed against the chest or fingers, it displays the electrical activity of a person’s heart. The device can be used to detect heart blockage, unstable heartbeat and can monitor heart rate at rest and during exercise.

Online heart health tests and quizzes

Nothing you do at home should replace a trip to the doctor’s office, but these heart healthy sites can help you get a general idea of heart health risk factors.

Heart health apps

It seems like every day more and more health-related apps are released. We found several options for ensuring a healthy heart on the go.

Heart Health News Reader

Heart Health News Reader ($0.99) puts the latest heart health information in the palm of your hand. The app grabs information from around the web and delivers it to your phone.


iHeartRate ($2.99) is geared more towards measuring and tracking heart rate for optimal fitness. The app allows you to keep track of your resting heart rate and your training heart rates, so you get more out of your workout by achieving your target heart rate.

Heart Log

Heart Log ($0.99) makes it easy for anyone who needs to regularly monitor their heart rate for health reasons to keep track of results. You can add date and time of each reading — results are compiled into a chart for easy analysis.

So if you’ve got access to a computer, you’ve got no excuse for ignoring your heart health.

More heart tips

Heart healthy eating

Joining Shay Pausa is celebrity chef Gale Gand and Dr. Jennifer Mieres. They discuss how the foods we eat affect our heart.

More high-tech health and fitness tools

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