Why women need a Mom Cave

For decades, men in America have had a retreat in their homes all to themselves, the Man Cave. But according to a survey conducted by national off-price retailer HomeGoods, women want a refuge reserved just for them, too – and, no surprise, the majority of women don’t have a space to call their own. Elaine Griffin, New York interior designer, gives us the dish on why women need a Mom Cave and how to create that coveted home sanctuary.

Woman in mom cave

Me-space for moms

Identifying the “Mom Cave” as an emerging trend, HomeGoods selected renowned interior designer Elaine Griffin to help develop the Mom Cave concept so that every woman can have her own me-space, no matter the size of her home or budget. “Mom Caves offer women a sanctuary within their own homes to do things they love,” explains Griffin. “It is not an indulgent space – it is a functional, restorative place where the woman who nurtures everyone else goes to nurture herself.”

The caretaker needs to take care of herself

Mom cave

Being “queen of the castle” doesn’t mean you’re treated like royalty – moms are also the head cooks, launderers and house cleaners. “Nurturing the people we love is an act of joy, but at the end of the day, we need a place to retreat to, where we can relax, restore and recharge ourselves,” says Griffin. “Just as we had to give ourselves permission to carve out ‘me time’ to take care of ourselves, we’re also giving ourselves permission to have a ‘me space,’ too!”

Carve out a functional ‘me-space’ to call your own

Your Mom Cave needs to be a place that you can truly relax and recharge. “It’s the place where the woman who nurtures everybody goes to nurture herself – a room, nook or cranny that she can stake out as a place to call her own, fill it with pretty things she loves to look at, where she can do the activities that she loves, whether it’s crafting, blogging, reading, knitting, yoga – you name it,” emphasizes Griffin.

The Mom Cave gives women strength

Men have always had their special spots (remember Archie Bunker and his easy chair?), and, more recently their man caves. “Now, when the economy has had us put the big-ticket items on hold, we’re strengthening ourselves from within, and doing things that help make our private worlds better places to live in,” says Griffin. “And that’s just what the Mom Cave ordered.”

How to create your own Mom Cave

Though you may not feel particularly comfortable creating a Mom Cave (for us moms, taking care of ourselves is rarely top priority), Griffin says now is time to stake out your space and lay claim to it. “Then think about what you want to do in your space, and also what you’d like the space to do for you,” the interior designer suggests. “Once you’ve identified these two goals, it’s time to decorate!”

1Mom Cave throne

You need a place to sit, so furnish your Mom Cave with the most comfortable seat in the house. Consider a chair or couch to be your throne. Consider giving your Mom Cave furnishings an update and check out this guide to repurposing home furniture.

2Mom Cave organizers

With all the cleaning up you do around the house, commit to keeping your Mom Cave tidy and organized. Griffin says, “We want your Mom Cave to be the most organized room in the house … and the most feminine, so think pretty and practical when you’re choosing your storage boxes, baskets and bins!”

3Mom Cave function

Set up your Mom Cave to be a fully functioning space – one that you can relax and work in. “You’ll want a desk or desk-like setup for you to do what you love to do – blog, write, craft, design, pay bills, etc.,” adds Griffin.

4Mom Cave is invitation only

While furnishing your Mom Cave, be sure to include comfortable furniture for visitors. “Plan for pull-up seating via ottomans and benches in case you’d like your girlfriends to come over and chillax,” Griffin suggests. Check out this video on Mom Cave design for a few ideas.

5Mom Cave décor

Add your own personal touches to your Mom Cave with wall art, home accessories, sentimental objects and souvenirs that are inspirational. “Décor should make the space yours and lift your spirits when you look at it — surround yourself with you,” Griffin concludes.

For more Mom Cave decorating ideas, visit http://homegoods.com/momcave.asp

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