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Home decor: Cheap, easy ways to turn your home from drab to fab

Having a beautiful, well-decorated home will help improve your mental and spiritual health, and create a haven for you and your family. Best yet, you can update your home in just a few quick and easy steps. Andrea Evans, interior designer and owner of In The Pink Boutique in Phoenix, Arizona, shares her home decorating secrets to turn your home from drab to fab.

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The best budget-friendly home decorating tips

1Focus on high-traffic rooms

If you don’t have the time or the budget to give your entire home a makeover, simply redecorate the high-traffic rooms. “Focus on the rooms that people are in the most,” says Evans. “The family room, kitchen, and front bathroom are good places to start when switching your home from drab to fab.”

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2Painting: A low-cost way to give a room a new look

Giving rooms in your home an update is as close as a paintbrush and can of paint. “Painting a room is one of the cheapest ways to create an entirely new look,” explains Evans. “Use bright colors to make the room unique, or if color makes you nervous, [try neutral colors] and go for more experimental home accessories.”

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3Choose inexpensive home accessories that create interest

After you paint, add inexpensive home accessories such as picture frames, mirrors, throw pillows and lamps to create an easy new look. Evans suggests using colorful seasonal throw pillows to add personality to both the room and the furniture. “Adding mirrors to rooms adds glamor, twinkle and brightness, while opening a room up at the same time,” the interior designer adds.

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4White Open Wall Frame from Pier1Frames are a money-saving way to update your wall art

When is the last time you changed your wall art — or even really noticed it? There’s no need to spend a fortune on pricey framed prints, according to Evans. “Change the artwork on your walls by putting picture frames on your wall and simply switching out the photos each season,” she explains.

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5Update the little details

Refurnishing, new carpeting, and other larger DIY home improvements can seem overwhelming, not to mention expensive. Instead of focusing on drastic home makeovers, update the little details to renew the feel of your home. For example, says Evans, “switch light and plug-in covers in any room to give walls a facelift; you can even change their look with spray paint.”

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The Benefits of a well-decorated home

You won’t truly realize the benefits of a well-decorated home until you start updating your home style. “Having a beautiful home is everyone’s dream (and owning one is a proud accomplishment),” says Evans. “Home is a safe haven, a basic need in life, that affects our physical, mental, social and spiritual health.” Think about it: Home is where we spend most of our time and plan the future for ourselves and our families.

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Giving your home a makeover, perhaps by making small aesthetic changes in each room to start, will enliven your mood, create a sense of pride and further reinforce that your home is where your family’s heart is.

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