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Makeup tricks to make your nose look smaller

Not everyone is blessed with a perfect little nose. If you want to try to reduce the appearance of your nose, try these makeup tricks.

MakeupFor a wide nose

Apply foundation that is one shade darker than your regular makeup on both sides of your nose. Blend thoroughly toward your cheeks. Apply a little bit of light powder to the bridge of your nose to highlight the thinnest part.

For a long nose

If your nose is long and thin, apply a darker shade of foundation or powder on the tip and underneath the tip (between your nostrils) to make it appear shorter.

For a crooked nose

For a croooked nose, follow the same instructions as for a wide nose. Be sure the lines of darker foundation are straight.

Accentuate the rest
of your face

You can take the emphasis off your nose by accentuating the other parts of your face.

  • Highlight the apples of your cheeks with a peachy blush, blending up and out, to soften the look of your nose.
  • Use bold, glossy lip color to take the attention off your nose and put it on your mouth.
  • Curl your eyelashes, use dramatic winged eyeliner and/or apply false eyelashes.
  • Wear an updo or high hairstyle rather than face-framing layers.

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