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Eye makeup for women who wear glasses

If you wear glasses, your eyes could get lost behind them. Follow these makeup tips to make your eyes look beautiful behind your lenses.

Women in glasses


If you are near-sighted, your eyes look smaller behind glasses. To make your eyes appear larger, line both your top and lower lashes in brown liner, then line the inner rims of your lash lines with a nude pencil. Curl your eyelashes and add mascara. In terms of shadow color, pick brighter shades to open up your eyes. Add a little white eye shadow on the inner part of your eye to make them look bigger.


If you are far-sighted, your eyes may appear larger than they are. Use eyeliner on your upper lashes only and use a neutral eye shadow or one that matches your eye color.

Dos and don’ts

  • Don’t overdo your eye makeup and avoid the smoky eye look, which will make your eyes look too dark and hidden behind glasses.
  • Do keep your eyebrows groomed and close to even with (or just above) the top frame of your glasses.
  • Do consider the color of your frames when picking eye shadow colors. With black frames, select neutral, natural colors. With other colors, just make sure they don’t clash.

Here’s a great video from Michelle Phan that shows eye makeup tips for those that wear glasses.

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