5 Style mistakes that can ruin your look

Whether you are going to work or on a date, avoid these fashion and beauty mistakes to look your best.

Tight clothesClothes that don’t fit

Don’t lay on the bed to squeeze yourself into tight jeans. And on the flip side, don’t buy baggy clothes to hide your weight. No matter your body type or size, you’ll look your best in clothes that fit. If you can afford it, get your clothes tailored.

Too much makeup

For daytime, keep your makeup very simple. Don’t overdo the foundation — it will look cakey. If you don’t need the coverage, use just a tinted moisturizer or a dab of concealer. An easy five-minute makeup routine includes neutral eye shadow, a couple coats of brown mascara, a touch of blush and lip gloss. Also follow these easy tips to minimize flaws with makeup.

Worn-out shoes

No matter how good your clothes looks, if you have worn-out shoes your outfit will look drab. Invest in good leather shoes for daily wear. If you have a pair that are a little worn or need re-soled, take them to a shoe repair shop and see if they are salvagable.

Chipped nail polish

Chipped nail polish looks tacky and unkempt. Touch up your polish every week or just wear clear coat instead of color. For the office, choose neutral nail polish colors and keep your nails neat and trimmed. Save the long acrylics and funky shades for special occasions.

Hair color that’s too dark

Nothing washes you out like bad hair color. If you have natually light hair, pale skin and light eyes, don’t spoil your looks with jet black hair. If you want to go darker, get lowlights instead. And be sure to get your roots touched up on a regular basis.

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