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How to make your legs look longer

The way you dress has a big impact on how tall and slim you look. If you want your legs to look longer, you need to avoid styles that visually “chop” your body, making you look shorter and heavier. Here are some simple style tips to make your legs look longer and leaner.

Asymmetrical hemlinePick skirts with asymmetrical hemlines

Straight hemlines will chop your legs in half, making them look stumpier. When you buy skirts and dresses, look for handerkerchief hems and other asymmetrical hemlines to make your legs look longer.

Choose pants with vertical details

If you are wearing pants, look for stripes, piping, creases, vertical rows of buttons and other details to draw the eye up and down. Flat front pants are prefer to pleated ones, as pleats add visual weight to your stomach area.

Wear monochromatic outfits

Dressing from head to toe in the same color will make you look tall. Darker colors will make you look smaller, while bright colors will make you look heavier. Avoid big prints, which make you look big and wide.

Buy nude shoes

Nude or cream shoes are a fantastic choice to make your legs look longer. They visually trick the eye into not realizing where the legs end and the shoes begin. Avoid shoes with ankle straps. Again, these chop up the legs and make your legs look even shorter than they are.

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