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5 Hair care don’ts

Love your locks by treating them right and by avoiding these common hair care mistakes.

80s hairDon’t over-tease

Teasing or backcombing can add the volume that you are looking for, but don’t overdo it. “Big hair” was big in the 80s, but it’s not coming back soon. Too much teasing makes your hair look unhealthy. For some volume for evening, tease it a little on the crown and pull it into a messy updo. For daytime, use mousse or scrunching spray.

Don’t go too dark

If you have naturally blonde hair, light skin and light eyes, don’t over do it with dark hair color. Black or extremely dark brown hair can make your skin look too washed out.

Don’t hide your curls

Curly hair is hot. Don’t always try to straighten it or pull it back. Instead, keep your lovely locks in good condition and let your curls free.

Don’t wear cheap extensions

If you can’t afford quality hair extensions, wait until you can. Cheap extensions look fake and tacky. It’s better to embrace your short tresses than wear messy extensions.

Don’t frizz out

Don’t let the frizzies get the best of your style, particularly when you have a sleek, straight cut. Hair serums and other products can help get your frizzies under control. Follow these other tips to fight the frizzies.

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