4 Steps to the perfect ponytail

Ponytails can be low and sleek or high and funky. Whatever your ponytail style preference, do it right with these steps to the perfect ponytail.

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4 Steps to your best ponytail

Start out dirty

For the best ponytail, start with hair that hasn’t been washed for a day or two. Apply a little gel to tame any frizz. If your hair is clean, add a little dry shampoo to make it a little thicker and ready for a full ponytail style.

Straighten it

Use a blow dryer and flat brush or a flat iron to smooth your hair all over before putting it up.

Pick your position

A low ponytail will accentuate your jaw and draw attention to your neck. A mid-height ponytail at your ears will draw attention to them. So if you have large ears, lower the position. A high ponytail had a more youthful, flirty looking result.

Pull it up

Spray your paddle brush with a little hairspray to control flyaways. Brush your hair into the ponytail and center it into place. Secure with a ponytail band. Avoid elastics, which can tug or break hair.

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