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New hair vibrating technology

We have the scoop on the latest best thing for your hair: a vibrating hair tool. Here’s how it can help you style your hair and keep it healthy.

Old techniques revived

The new hair vibrating technology originated in Korea, where launderers realized that ironing clothes with quick rhythm helped clothes lie more flatly. Now, this method is being used to create better hair results with less damage than typical heat styling tools.

Controlled heat and vibration smoothes and curls hair while preventing damage. While a typical hair straightener can pull hair and cause it to break,  vibrating plates keep hair moving to avoid such breakage.

The hair vibrating hair tool method is great for coarse and thick hair that requires more aggressive styling. The Nxtyle Vib G2 Ceramic Tourmaline Vibrating Flat Iron ($175) straightens and curls hair easily with just a flick of the hand. This old technique is the new techology for healthy, beautifully styled locks.

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