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10 Really cool new green products

Green is officially the new black. Anything innovative that’s hitting the market is guaranteed to be green, even if it’s actually black. With this glut of cool green stuff, it’s hard to know where to look, so we here at SheKnows have gone through more green than Kermit could shake a stick at to find you the coolest, new green products. Here they are.

1To greet or regreetTo greet or regreet

Sure, we all know that greeting cards are a big waste of paper, but not sending them seems plain rude. Here’s a solution … greeting cards that are intended to be reused. All the manners and none of the guilt! As a bonus, you can track your card online to see where it goes.

2Sun and fun-ction

This is not your mother’s beach bag. The bag has a solar panel so you can keep all of your electronics powered while you soak in the sun.

3Poo paper

This paper is made entire from elephant poop. No, really. But it doesn’t smell at all and is actually quite lovely.

4Sweet bagSweet bag

Enjoy this purse knowing that you saved 60 candy wrappers from hitting the dump. And for every bag purchased, a tree gets planted. What a double win!

5Repurposed duds

Being green doesn’t mean you have to lose your fashionista edge. Check out these funky designs that are made of repurposed materials. They’re fabulous, unique and completely eco-friendly.

6Pirate ship

This kit covers the three arrrrghs – reduce, reuse, recycle – by outlining how to create a toy pirate ship from found objects. This is sure to be a hit with any kids (and many grown-ups) in your life.

7Death's Door boozeDrink for a cause

Raise your glass high because Death’s Door booze is all locally sourced to be green friendly. Cheers!

8Toilet sink

If there was ever a conversation starter in the bathroom, this would be it. The toilet reuses the water that typically goes down the drain for your next flush.

9Goodbye green guilt

Terrapass makes it quick and easy to offset your carbon footprint. You can calculate your footprint on the site, determine how many credits you need to buy, and then send the money to projects focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

10Rainbow machine

Check out this solar powered rainbow machine! We know what you’re thinking, “Isn’t that the sun?” Well, yeah. The sun is a solar powered rainbow maker. But this is machinier. (It’s a word. We promise. No, wait, don’t look it up.)

Hope you enjoy these green finds. Stay tuned as we’ll be unearthing more products that are great for the earth soon!

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