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Eco-friendly and organic food vacations

The growing popularity of organic foods, coupled with the desire to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, has led more people to do what they think is healthiest for their minds, bodies and the environment, including eco-friendly vacations. Here are a few eco-friendly organic-oriented travel destinations to put on your travel agenda.

Eco-friendly vacation

Delicious eco-travel destinations

It’s now easier then ever to find hotels, resorts, spas and bed and breakfasts that offer exclusively organic fare, and these businesses take great pride in the fact they support local farmers and growers.

You can find eco-friendly getaways by visiting eco-tourism websites such as or you can do a search of eco-friendly organic vacation opportunities in a particular area you want to visit.

Take an eco-friendly spa vacation

Pure food benefits not only your internal organs, but also your hair, skin and nails. Eco-friendly spas can show you how to make your own spa products at home, from ingredients you likely have in your own kitchen. They can also introduce you to relaxation techniques and de-stressing tips that require nothing but you and an easy chair.

Benefits of eco-vacations

A great way to relax both mind and body is an eco-vacation, which provides the opportunity to eat fresh, local, organic meals in a setting that is relaxing and rejuvenating all at once. This is an excellent opportunity to get ideas about cooking or growing your own organic ingredients and you will come away with a renewed respect for the freshness and depth of flavor of food that is untouched by chemicals.

Get back to your roots

As our lives seem to move ever faster, time away from television, the computer, or the cell phone can be just what you need. By “getting back to our roots” — including the kind we can dig up in a garden — we can reconnect with our younger, more carefree selves.

US eco-destinations

If you’re interested in sojourning in North America, here are just a few of our recommendations:

1Topnotch Resort and Spa

Located in Stowe, Vermont, their Norma’s Restaurant serves locally grown organic food obtained through the Vermont Fresh Network.

2Eco-friendly vacationThe Boulders

The Boulders in beautiful Scottsdale, Arizona, offers fine dining with an organic twist. Serving produce grown locally or actually on the property, The Boulders’ organic garden boasts vegetables, herbs and edible flowers, all in an open setting that includes citrus trees and a relaxing water feature.

3The Inn Serendipity

The Inn Serendipity, outside Monroe, Wisconsin, is completely powered by the wind and sun, and features vegetarian cuisine made with ingredients harvested mainly from their own organic gardens.

4Rancho La Puerta

Rancho La Puerta in Baja California, Mexico, is ideal for vacationers craving a hands-on organic cooking experience. They offer their own cooking school and have a 6-acre organic farm. Guests don’t take part in the daily farming of organic vegetables and fruits, but if you inquire you may be able to accompany the team to spend a few hours working with the soil.

Vacation packing tips

How to pack everything for your vacation into a carry-on

Want to travel light? With a little research and a lot of editing you can lose your luggage dependency one overstuffed bag at a time.

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