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Steal or splurge? Dramatic eyes

To get deep, dramatic eyes, you don’t have to break the bank — but there are a few products on which you shouldn’t skimp. Here’s what you should steal and what you should splurge on to get that sexy, smoldering smoky eye look.

Eyeshadow: Steal!

Eyeshadow is a great steal because it comes in many different colors. You’ll be buying lots, and those little powdery cakes are easy to break, so don’t invest too much in coloring the base of your lid.

Mascara: Splurge!

Mascara is a strong liquid that is placed close to the most sensitive part of your eye. Stealing on mascara could cost you eyelashes and your whole eye look. Ask an upscale retailer for mascara suggestions to find the one perfect for you. You’ll be happy you put the money toward it.

Eyelashes: Steal!

Many women don’t like to buy eyelashes because they believe “the good ones” are too expensive. There’s no big difference between an expensive eyelash and a less expensive one, though. Drugstore brands will look just as great on your eyes as those from a department store.

Eyelash glue: Splurge!

Just like mascara, eyelash glue is placed very close to your sensitive eyes. The cheap glue that comes with inexpensive lashes can be very hard to get off and can damage your lashes and skin. Use what the pros use: DUO surgical adhesive. The paste dries clear and is waterproof — and at only $8, it’s not much of a splurge!

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