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Hot careers for 2011 and beyond


This is a tough time to find a job. The Great Recession is officially over, but employers are still reluctant to hire. Instead of taking on new full-time workers, many are squeezing more productivity out of their current staff, hiring part-timers, shipping jobs overseas or installing automation. That’s why you should aim your career planning at high-growth fields. Your odds of finding a job will be better in the following hot career fields for 2011 and beyond, according to the U.S. Department of Labor.

Physical therapist

Hot career #1


Health care

The field: Combining medical technology and the human touch, workers in the health-care industry diagnose, treat and administer care around the clock, responding to the needs of millions of people, from newborns to the terminally ill. Workers range from professionals who make life-or-death decisions to office assistants who handle billing, appointment scheduling and medical records.

Hottest jobs: Physician assistants; physical therapist aides; speech-language pathologists; physical therapist assistants; physical therapists.

Hot career #2

Employment services

The field: This industry provides a variety of human resource services to businesses. These services include providing temporary workers to other businesses, helping employers locate suitable employees and providing human resource services to clients.

Hottest jobs: Accountants and auditors; customer service representatives; construction laborers; computer software engineers; employment, recruitment and placement specialists.

Hot career #3

Child day-care services

The field: Obtaining affordable, quality child day care, especially for children under age 5, is a major concern for many parents, particularly in recent years with the rise in families with two working parents. As the need for child day care increases, the child day-care services industry continues to expand.

Hottest jobs: Preschool teachers (except special education); special education teachers: preschool, kindergarten and elementary school; office clerks; general kindergarten teachers (except special education); first-line supervisors/managers of personal service workers.

Hot career #4

Social assistance

The field: At times, people need help to live a full and productive life. They may need assistance finding a job or appropriate child care, learning skills to find employment, locating safe and adequate housing or getting nutritious food for their family. The social assistance industry provides help to individuals and families to aid them in becoming healthy and productive members of society.

Hottest jobs: Medical and public health social workers; special education teachers (preschool, kindergarten, and elementary school); first-line supervisors/managers of personal service workers; occupational therapists; social and human service assistants.

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