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5 Fashionable New Year resolutions

The new year is coming and it is time to create your resolutions. Here is a list of 5 that shouldn’t be optional and easy to do. Here’s to a more fashionable year!

1Try on a skinny jean woman on phone

A common mistake women may have made during 2010 was thinking that skinny jeans are for “skinny people.” Put your brave face on this coming year and try on a skinny jean, you might surprised at how comfortable they are and how great you’ll look!

2Splurge on a handbag

The handbag is an everyday essential. You’ll carry it close and far so don’t be scared to make it your investment piece of 2011.

3Go out in sequins

The sequin trend isn’t going away after New Years Eve in 2011. Break out of your shell and try sequins on a handbag — top or shorts if you’re feeling extra risky!

4Wear heels twice a week

Flats are definitely a hot trend for 2011 and always comfortable but don’t forget about the sexy heels in your closet. Challenge yourself to wear a heel to the office or just a mid-week dinner. You’ll feel confident and sexy all year long!

5Get a bra fitting

When was the last time you were fitted? A women’s bra size fluctuates so start the year off right with a new bra fitting. Wearing the right size bra will make a dramatic different in how your clothes will fit in 2011!

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