3 Tips to tone down redness

There are many different reasons for redness in your face. Regardless of the culprit, there are three ways you can control the redness so you can enjoy the rest of your day!

Drink ice water

If you tend to get red when you’re nervous or in other situations drink a glass of ice water to cool down your blood vessels in your face. This will help your nerves and reduce the redness (since the last thing you need is any further anxiety about how you resemble a lobster!).

Green concealer

The best way to tone down redness is a green concealer to hide a blemish or a bit of redness. Ulta’s multi-shade concealer set ($18) will work for all last minute beauty mistakes. The yellow concealer corrects under-eye dircles, the green hides redness and the flesh tones blends away any other imperfections with a setting powder to make it all last!

Avoid red lipstick

Wearing the trendy red lipstick will only highlight the redness of your skin. Try wearing a soft pink or nude instead to counteract the red.

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