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3 Beauty product emegencies solved

There are those few moments when you run out of your product at the worst time or simply forgot to pack it. Here are 3 beauty tricks and tips to use when you’re missing your favorite product!

“I don’t have a nail file” matches

You’re at a restaurant and your nail breaks leaving you with an uneven nail. The best thing to do when you don’t have a nail file on hand is to grab a matchbook! Striking your nail against the surface of a matchbook will work perfectly when you’re in a quick fix.

“My cuticles are dry”

Cuticle oil might not be on your everyday list of beauty needs. So while you’re in between manicures use lip balm! Lip balm will soften your cuticles and keep them getting dry and peeling.

“I’m out of eye makeup remover”

Running out of makeup remover after the store is closed isn’t an excuse to sleep with your mascara on. Using a q-tip coated with moisturizer gently rub on lashes and lids, wipe off with another clean q-tip. This will tide you over till your next drugstore trip and hyrdate your lashes!

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