Holiday makeup tutorial

If you aren’t familiar with Michelle Phan, Lancome’s video makeup artist, you should be. Her makeup tutorials are some of the best out there.

Michelle Phan

Video makeup how-to

Michelle was a college student and began doing makeup videos in 2007 to supplement her blog. She doesn’t have any formal training in makeup, but her videos are fantastic — great music, clear instructions and beautiful results.

Before she knew it, her YouTube videos had picked up steam — big time. Currently, she has over a million subscribers to her YouTube Channel and her videos have been viewed over 280 million times.

Three years ago, she was turned down for a job at the Lancome counter at a department store. And then, early this year, she was signed by Lancome as their video makeup star.

Let’s take a look at her latest video for an elegant holiday look. This video she did for Teen Vogue (she’s in the December/January issue).

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