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Celebrity “Digital Death” campaign finds success

Celebrities rise to tweet again — the “Digital Death” campaign is now over after reaching its $1 million dollar goal. How did they accomplish such a feat?

Celebrity Digital Death campaign now over -- buy lifeThose celebrities sure are sneaky.

The Digital Death campaign to raise money for AIDS research was, by all accounts, not the moneymaking Twitter juggernaut celebrities expected it to be. The participating celebs — including Kim Kardashian, Alicia Keys, Lady Gaga and Ryan Seacrest — all expected to raise the $1 million dollars within a day or so.

Fast forward to Monday Dec. 6th, a full five days after the campaign began. Did they hit $1 million? Nope. Only about $500,000.

Digital Death resurrection

Many celebrities started tweeting again Monday afternoon, saying that their quest to buy life was complete. No, they didn’t somehow miraculously raise $500K in a few hours — instead, deep-pocketed philanthropist Stewart Rahr matched the funds to make the campaign a success.

Buy Life: Money for AIDS research

We’re so happy that an extra $1 million is going toward AIDS research. However, we’re still uneasy with how this campaign played out. All of the celebs that committed to a Digital Death were more than capable of donating the funds out of their loaded bank accounts. However, there’s no mention of how much — if any — was donated by the celebs themselves. We’re betting not much, which is a shame. We’re pretty sure Kim Kardashian could go without a new Hermes bag in order to help others.

Oh well, it’s the thought — right? Right?

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