Get the look you want using the right curling iron

Getting that celebrity look is easy! You just need to know which tool to use — and selecting the proper size curling iron is key. Follow this guide to learn which curling iron is best to achieve your desired look.

Spiral Curls

To get Taylor Swift’s signature spiral curls, the best curling iron size to use is a 3/4 inch barrel. This will get tight curls that will last all night. Using any smaller of a barrel will just create hair frizz.


Classic curls

Classic curls worn by Vanessa Hudgens need a 1-inch barrel to create noticeable curls. Larger size curling irons will result in waves instead of curls.

Loose sexy curls

Giselle Bundchen’s sexy waves are achieved with a 1-1/4 inch barrel that gives her waves volume while still curling. Curling hair then pinning to allow it to set will get this look to last all night.

Wavy curls

When you want a barely-there curl like Lauren Conrad, use a 1-1/2 inch barrel. Curl hair in different sections then gently comb fingers through hair to separate curl even more.

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