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A mom’s guide to editing a digital photo

Digital cameras have made capturing the important moments of our lives incredibly simple. Whether you’re using your smart phone, a pocket camera or a more sophisticated machine, the opportunity for great photos has never been easier.

Editing photos is not just for the pros anymore, any mom can do it!

Though the edit functions may seem overwhelming after you’ve uploaded your pics, they are actually really quite easy. Spend some time getting to know the basics in your photo program, and you can turn snapshots into works of art. Here are a few editing tip basics so you get that perfect picture every time.


Many digital cameras are shooting with higher resolution than you think, so don’t be afraid to crop and zoom in on your target. It can make all the difference in a photo. Having an eye for composition is important, but it’s equally as beneficial to know how to turn a not so great shot into a terrific one by cropping Daddy’s mouthful of chips out and sending Grandma the perfect picture of just your little one.

Black and White Images

Now that film is out of the equation, you don’t need to be Ansel Adams to decide if the kids will look better in black and white ahead of time. All photo-editing programs offer the option to turn pictures black and white or use the antique looking sepia tone. So play around with the functions, especially in more moody or serious shots. Think of the ones where they’re walking through the park, or maybe curled up with the family dog. Those classic photo images might be more profound stripped down to black and white.


Lighting is a photographer’s best friend and mortal enemy. Moms don’t often have the luxury of choosing good lighting when snapping the baby’s first steps,, so you work with what you have and hope for the best. You can also use the shadow removal function available in most digital photo edit programs to lift some of the darkness out. This is different than choosing to over-expose, which you usually do not want to do. By lightening the shadow, you just bring more of the natural light into the frame.

Red eye Removal

Ok, Moms. We know you’re busy and exhausted and all that important mom stuff you do, but there really is no reason to send around pictures with red eyes anymore. Every photo edit program has a red eye function. It’s super easy to use and will make a world of difference.

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