Our 10 favorite camera straps

Dec 31, 2010 at 3:34 p.m. ET

You’ve just found a camera that has all of the functions you need to get great pictures of you and your family. The camera was a little pricey, but the cost is well worth it when you think of all the pictures you’re going to take and the years you’ll enjoy looking back at the photographs with your family. But now that you’ve purchased a camera, you’ll want to buy a camera strap, an important camera accessory. Camera straps ensure the safety of your camera, holding it in place so it doesn’t fall and guaranteeing you do not accidentally leave it someplace. There are many great camera straps on the market. Here are ten of our favorite straps.

Find the camera strap that fits you best.Professional Camera Straps


The RS-7 camera strap, by Black Rapid, is a great strap for any photographer. Though it doesn't have a lot of flash, it has all of the essentials. Its design allows it to fit perfectly around your shoulders to provide ease of use and comfort and it is made of ballistic nylon. The RS-7 is available for $58.95 at www.blackrapid.com.

The RS-7 is professional and functional.


Also by Black Rapid is the RS-5, a durable camera strap that comes with zippered pockets so you can store important items like your cell phone. The RS-5 is available at www.blackrapid.com for $64.95.

Black Rapid has plenty of professional camera straps to choose from.

Duel Deluxe Double Camera Strap

Camera Slingers' Dual Deluxe double camera strap is a professional level camera strap that any photographer would be fortunate to own. It features military grade components, slip-resistant shoulder pads and is fully adjustable to accommodate any height. You will be able to easily carry two cameras, or adjust the strap to carry one. The Dual Deluxe is currently out of stock, but will be available for purchase at http://www.shop.cameraslingers.com/ for $139.99.

This double camera strap is multi-functional.

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