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Best iPhone apps for kids

With the holiday season at hand, ‘tis the season for road trips. It is also the season for traffic jams, interstates turned into parking lots and looky loos slowing down traffic to a crawl so they can stare out their window at cops who’ve pulled over speeders. The last thing you want to hear on your long drive is a repeated chorus of “Are we there yet?” from the backseat. One great way to keep your kids occupied as you drive to your destination is your iPhone’s apps for kids. Here’s a list of some of our favorites.

Find the best iPhone apps for your kids.


Dinosaurs will always entertain kids!

The American Museum of Natural History: Dinosaurs

The American Museum of Natural History presents: Dinosaurs will give your children (and you) a look at the largest collection of fossils in the world. Access hundreds of pictures from the museum’s archives and see artistic renderings of what scientists believe dinosaurs looked like when they ruled the earth. Photos are interactive and when clicked, offer interesting facts about the dinosaur pictured. This app is available for free!

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