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5 Beauty & style essentials for air travel


When you travel, your beauty routine doesn’t have to go out the window. Be sure to tuck these things into your bag before getting on the plane. You’ll look better and feel better after a long flight.

Woman on planeBottled water

To keep your skin looking its best, you have to stay hydrated. Buy bottled water (inside of security) and drink up throughout your flight.


On long flights, skip makeup and just slather on moisturizer. Be sure to apply plenty of cream to your hands too. If your meeting someone special when you step off the plane, apply your makeup right before reaching your destination.

Knee socks

To guard against blood clots of deep vein thrombosis, wear knee socks or compression socks. They aren’t pretty at all, but you should dress comfy on the plane and can hide them under pants.

Hair serum

Carry a little hair serum (in a travel-size bottle) in your bag. Before you get on the plane and before you get off, rub a little through your hair to tame flyaways.

>> Learn more about Airline liquid restrictions


Scarves always look chic when you are traveling, but they are practical too. They can provide warmth on the plane during cross-country flights.

Also don’t forget mints or a travel toothbrush to refresh your teeth and breath. Also consider carrying an extra shirt in a wrinkle-resistant fabric in your carry-on. Then if you spill on the plane (or just want to feel fresh), you can change in the bathroom and step off the flight looking terrific.

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