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5 Common fashion faux pas

You want to look your best each and every day, but we all make mistakes when it comes to fashion every once in a while. Here are some of the more common fashion faux pas and easy ways to avoid them.

Fashion mistakesVisible panty lines

Wear proper fitting undergarments and you shouldn’t be able to see your panty lines. If your underwear fits great and you can still see the lines, then your pants are too tight. Of the same vein, exposed bra straps aren’t cool. Though we see many exposed straps (and whole bras) on the fashion runways, in real life your bra isn’t for all the world to see.

Ill-fitting clothes

Speaking of tight pants, ill-fitting clothes are another common fashion faux pas. Stop trying to squeeze into bras that push up your back fat or pants that cause a huge muffin top. You’ll look much better in the next size up. And in contrast, don’t wear baggy clothes to hide extra weight. Clothes that are too big are sloppy and make you look larger than you are.

Matching from head to toe

Red dress, red bag, red shoes, red lipstick…UGH! Matchy-matchy isn’t in style. Don’t dress from head to toe in the same color or print. Mix bright colors with neutrals and keep bold patterns to just one piece.


Less in more when it comes to accessories. You don’t need to layer on five necklaces, stack bangles up to your elbow and carry a bag with tons of hardware. Pick a sleek bag that is just big enough for your essentials, add one statement piece of jewelry and finish off your look with a fabulous pair of shoes.

Too short, too tight, too flashy

Inappropriate clothes for the occasion is probably the biggest fashion mistake women make. Plunging necklines aren’t appropriate for the office, and neither is a micro-miniskirt. Consider where you are going and what you are going to be doing when you are getting dressed. Stilettos might be fine for a date and shimmery makeup is great for a party, but neither one of them belong at work or church.

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