4 New ways to share photos

Whether it’s our workout routine, social schedule or something as simple (but crucial!) as the way we share photos, we all get stuck in a rut sometimes. Good thing January 1 isn’t the only time of year you can reevaluate and reboot. So forget Facebook and Flickr, and check out these four new ways to share photos with family and friends.

Photoshop Express

What It Is: Photoshop Express is the new Web version of image editing software Photoshop.

How to Use It: Create a free account and get going: edit, store and organize photos; and create slideshows to share with friends.


  • Wins for its rich editing features
  • Good for storing all your digital images in one place
  • Quick and easy to share photos on Facebook and Twitter
  • Works with mobile devices including iPhone, iPad and Android

Cons: Requires a fast Internet connection if you access it from a computer.

Cost: Free


What It Is: Imgur is an image hosting Web service and bills itself as “the simple image sharer.”

How to Use It: Upload photos, get a URL unique to each image and share the link.


  • Easy to use
  • Good for sharing photos quickly
  • Provides unique URLs that don’t expire
  • Can use the URLS to post photos across multiple sites quickly
  • Features album grouping for easy organizing

Cons: Image editing is limited.

Cost: Free

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