An everyday Black Swan-inspired makeup look

The new thriller Black Swan is in theaters and everyone is buzzing about the dramatic makeup worn by Natalie Portman. Read how you can get an inspired look from the film for every day.

The Black Swan look is extreme and very theatrical which doesn’t make it appropriate for every day. But there are key elements from Natalie Portman’s look that you don’t need a costume party to pull off.

Black kohl liner

Line your eyes with a dark black kohl liner on the upper and lower lid to define your eyes dramatic. If you are feeling adventurous draw a cat eye look to imitate Natalie’s winged out feather eyes.

Pale skin

No need to go to the tanning salons or pile on self-tanner during the winter. Pale skin is a strong look from this movie that helps strengthen the power of the make up. Skip on the bronzer for this look and instead even out your skin tone with adding a small amount of blush to the apple of your cheeks to give you a bit of color.

Plum lips

Plum lips are a popular trend for winter and exactly what you need to finish off Natalie Portman’s Black Swan look. Natalie is wearing a red with more of black undertone but so that you can be appropriate for everyday a plum lip will give you a dramatic color look without sending you to a costume party.

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