Wear your Twitter name around your neck

Are you obsessed with twitter? Constantly updating your status? Then this custom twitter name or hashtag necklace is for you!

A new marketing tool

What is a better way to increase your network by exposing your Twitter name for all to see? The Survival Of The Hippest Social St@tus collection is custom-made Twitter accessories that will put your twitter-name or hashtag around your neck!

Made of 925 sterling silver, 10k or 14k gold- you can even add diamonds as a necklace, bracelet, anklet or pin. The Social St@tus collection would be perfect for any obsessive tweeter that can’t help but constantly update. Wear it to your next networking function so that your followers who may not recognize you right away by face will know your name. No more boring name tags, wear your Twitter name right on your sleeve!

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