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3 Holiday fashion mistakes you can avoid

Holiday parties are a lot of fun. They are a fantastic opportunity to get dressed up and enjoy the company of family, friends and co-workers. Before you head out to a party, check out these holiday fashion mistakes you can avoid.


Holiday party

Being underdressed

Parties can very from casual to black tie during the holiday season. Be sure you are dressed appropriately. Many women often underdress (or overdress) for holiday parties. Take a look at the invitation. If it’s not spelled out for you (i.e. black tie, semi-formal, etc.) then take a hint from the venue and time of day. If you are still confused, don’t be afraid to ask the hostess what to wear.



If your dress is fancy, keep your jewelry and other accessories very simple. You don’t need to layer tons of necklaces or have an armful of bangles. Even if you are wearing a basic black dress, pick one statement accessory piece and tone down the rest of your look.


Dressing uncomfortably

At holiday parties, you are going to be on your feet. Whether you are dancing the night away, standing for hours at a cocktail party, or walking from nightclub to nightclub, you need shoes that are comfortable enough to enjoy yourself. We aren’t suggesting you put on your sneakers, just pick a pair of heels that aren’t too high or too pointed. Also, make sure they fit. Small shoes aren’t worth the blisters and pain — no matter how cute they are. When trying on a dress, move around in it. Sit down, bend, twist and reach. You don’t want have to spend the night, pulling down your hemline or worrying about buttons popping open. Your outfit should skim your body, not be skin-tight.

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