DIY holiday décor ideas

Save money and get crafty this holiday season with these fun and festive DIY holiday decor ideas. From beautiful holiday wreaths and Christmas centerpieces to ideas for sprucing up your mantle, decorate your home in style this holiday season with these crafty ideas.

Homemade Christmas wreath

Create a classic and festive holiday look by bringing the outside in by using pine cones, berries and evergreen branches to decorate your home. Your house will look and smell wonderful — and you will save money as well!

“Decorate your home with some of nature’s most beautiful elements,” says Lisa Reynolds, mom-saver-in-chief at RedPlum. “Sprinkle glitter on the pine cones and place in a large bowl on the coffee table. Put the evergreens in a large vase, or add the holly and berries as decoration to trays of desserts.”

Holiday centerpieces and tablescape ideas

Give your home some sparkle this holiday season with these easy and festive ideas for your tables. “Place candles on large round plates and add glitter to the bottom of the plate. When the candle is lit, it will pick up the reflection of the glitter for an added warm, holiday glow,” suggests Reynolds.

Berries add beautiful color to your table and are a great way to add holiday cheer without spending a lot of money on expensive centerpieces. Reynolds says to pour one bag of red berries, such as cranberries, into a clear vase. Add water and place in festive greens, holly stems and simple red tulips.

Transform that boring glass vase by spraying inside with a metallic paint, says The Home Makeover Mixtress Jennifer Duchene. You can then fill the vase with beads, fake fruit or pinecones. Give your chairs some holiday cheer by hanging small hand-gathered posies or fake flowers with a long, thick ribbon down the back of a chair.

DIY holiday wreaths

Fresh holiday wreaths are easy to make and inexpensive, says Molly Fisher of Craft Ideas Weekly. She suggests going to a craft supply store and picking up a wreath form, floral tape, floral wire and evergreen tree clippings (or gather tree clippings outside). “Simply bunch handfuls of the plant material together and secure the bunches with a little floral tape. Then use the floral wire to wrap the bunches to the form — easy as that!” says Fisher.

Duchene suggests incorporating little holiday toys or cards in your holiday wreath by tying them into the greenery. She also says to use wreaths as centerpieces for your table by putting a glass vase inside and floating a flower or candle inside the vase.

Festive holiday decor

Create a beautiful holiday mantle with these ideas from interior designer Karen A. Carpino. “Take tree branches from your yard, lay them horizontally along the mantle, buffet or table like a garland. Decorate by attaching pine cones with wire and add ornaments and tie on holiday color ribbon — and you can even add the spray-on snow,” she says. Carpino also recommends stringing your floor size fig tree or palm tree with lights, garland and ornaments for an instant holiday look.

Is your door looking a bit plain? “Spray fake flowers with glitter floral spray and create bunches for door handles,” says Duchene. “Tie on with long package ribbon string or leather.”

Snowflake bowls

Preserve and display lace doilies by turning them into a beautiful snowflake bowl, says DIY expert Blair Stocker of Savers thrift stores.

After washing and drying the lace doily, place it over a template bowl and cut out the shape. Don’t worry about getting it too precise, you can trim more later. Pour fabric stiffening liquid into another bowl and immerse the cut piece of doily completely into the liquid. Turn the template bowl upside down and lay the doily over it, smoothing it over the outside of the bowl. Allow the doily to dry for 24 hours, and then, once dry, gently peel the doily off the bowl and reshape and trim more as needed.

Voila – you have a beautiful holiday bowl. You can also make Christmas tree ornaments using this same technique.

Holiday how-to

How to display holiday cards

Do you love the annual flurry of holiday greetings, but not the tumbling mess it creates on the mantel? This creative solution is a fun and easy way to show off your cards.

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