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Holiday hairstyles: Sweet side ponytail

Cold wind, freezing rain and snow can cause unmanageable hair. If you are going to a winter party, instead of putting your hair up in a coifed updo, try a side ponytail instead. It’s easy to do and can work with almost any length or texture of hair.

Julie Benz - side ponytail1Start with dirty hair

Well not exactly dirty, just not freshly washed. When you skip a day between shampooing, your hair holds its style longer. Part you hair on whichever side you choose. The ponytail will be on the opposite side of the part.

2Spray and back comb

To provide a little more volume on top, spray your hair with a quick drying hairspray at the root and then backcomb gently at the crown.

3Pull it into a ponytail

Sweep your hair onto the chosen side, gathering it at the nape of your neck. A low side ponytail will look sweet and feminine. If it’s too high, you’ll look like you are in junior high.

4Secure and set it

Secure your hair with a non-elastic hairband, draping the ponytail over in front of your shoulder. Pin up any loose strands with bobby pins. Hide the hairband by wrapping a small section of hair from the underside of the ponytail around the band and securing with a bobby pin. Spray with holding spray, smoothing any flyaways on the top of your head.

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