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Taiwanese animators make hilarious Black Friday video

Taiwanese animators take on Black Friday with their hilarious YouTube video. Read on to see what they have to say about our Black Friday obsession!

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Leave it to Taiwanese animators to sum up America’s obessesion with Black Friday. NMA World Edition just released their hilarious take on Black Friday with their animated video “World pins hope on Black Friday.”

Black Friday fights

The NMA video, recorded in Mandarin Chinese and dubbed into English, takes a comedic stance on Black Friday by showing WalMart shoppers racing toward deals. Women fight. Men blow each other up in Grand Theft Auto: Black Friday edition.

Social commentary

The NMA video may be funny, but it also strikes a divide between continents. In the video, NMA says how many Asian jobs depend on the buying habits of Americans since so many products are manufactured overseas. It’s kind of sobering to think how our holiday shopping can have such an impact on the world’s economy.

Black Friday break

In any case, take a break from Black Friday planning and watch the NMA video — it’s important to laugh at ourselves, right? Also, check out the other NMA videos — they’ve satirized everything from TSA screenings to The Jersey Shore. We can’t stop laughing!

Watch the NMA World Edition Black Friday video

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