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Black Friday and Cyber Monday: What retailers don’t tell you

Shoppers go wild for the door-busting deals offered for Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2010. Retailers count on these Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales to help launch the holiday sales season — what do they do to entice shoppers? Read on and learn the science behind Black Friday and Cyber Monday. It’s eye-opening!

Cyber Monday savings tipsRetailers pull out all the stops to entice you to buy on Back Friday and Cyber Monday. However, there’s a lot they don’t tell you — the fine print. Don’t get taken advantage of this Black Friday and Cyber Monday — learn about the tricks that retailers pull to get you shopping!

Super cheap prices for limited quantities

A 40-inch HDTV for $300 sounds like an amazing deal, until you realize that they only have a few at that price. Chances are you won’t get one for that price, even if you purchase online.

Low quality goods

CVS advertised a Black Friday laptop for less than $100 for Black Friday 2010. Amazing deal? Not really. The laptop is an off-brand with a Windows CE operating system. Remember Windows CE? It’s an old OS that you’d have to immediately upgrade to do anything. Not such a good deal now, is it?

Other Black Friday and Cyber Monday specials are off-brands with low quality parts. It might sound like a good deal now, but it’ll break quickly and you’ll be in the same position you were before the sale.

“Last chance to save”

Retailers try to get consumers into the stores by claiming their sales won’t last long. However, retailers need customer dollars throughout the holiday season, so you’ll have multiple chances to get good deals on holiday gifts whether you buy on Black Friday, Cyber Monday or Dec. 20.

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