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A tool to make Cyber Monday easier

While Cyber Monday is a convenient way to shop from the comfort of your own home, the World Wide Web can be overwhelming! Read on to see how RightCliq by Visa can make your Cyber Monday more successful.

rightcliq by visa

Smarter online shopping

Rightcliq by Visa has taken all the tools you wish your internet browser had and has added them. No more racing to find your credit card and messing up your numbers in a hurry to buy the item before it goes out of stock. Rightcliq will organize your personal information, shopping wish lists purchase history all with one click.

No more online chaos

Rightcliq is an online shopping tool that sits in your browser so there is no extra software to open when shopping the web.

Securely save your credit cards: Rather than saving your credit card information on multiple sites to make quick checkouts, just save on Rightcliq and decide when you’d like to share the information with different online retailers.

Tracking packages: After you make an online purchase your tracking information will be organized to estimated delivery date and share your shipping status.

Wishspace: Not sure you want to purchase an item quite yet, save it in your wishspace where you can organize items further into bundles and compare items from different sites side by side.

more Rightcliq features

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