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How to get the best fashion bargains on Black Friday

Black Friday is almost here — the busiest shopping day of the year. If you are planning on shopping on Black Friday — the day after Thanksgiving — here are some tips to get the best fashion bargains.

Black Friday shopping

Do your research

Take advantage of all the Black Friday websites out there that organize and list the sales. Macy’s, JCPenney, Walmart, Target, Kmart, Sears, Kohl’s, Old Navy and many other Black Friday ads have already been “leaked” and can be viewed on the internet. Here are a few sites that you shouldn’t miss:

Also, your Thanksgiving Day newspaper will be full of ads and coupons. Go through all the ads and chart out which stores you are going to visit (and it what order!). Make a list of key items and sales that you don’t want to miss.

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Snag the Early Bird discounts

Many stores are offering Early Bird specials that last only from 5:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. on Friday. Plan on being at the store when it opens to snag these significant discounts.

Look for Night Owl specials

Some retailers are opening at 10:00 p.m. or midnight on Thanksgiving night to attract even more shoppers. Evaluate the Night Owl deals and decide whether its worth it to spend Thanksgiving night at the store. Plan your route on which stores to hit first based on their opening times.

Take the ads with you

When shopping for specific items, bring the ads with you. Print them out from the internet, if necessary. Be aware of the retailers restocking fees and return deadlines. Many stores have shorter return timetables on items bought during this period.

Ask for gift receipts

When shopping for holiday gifts, ask for gift receipts. Gifts receipts don’t disclose the price but are proof-of-purchase for the recipient, in case the item needs returned or exchanged.

Don’t get distracted

Bring a list of the desired items, recipients and sizes for whom you are shopping. Don’t get distracted by aisle displays or other items you aren’t really interested in. Have a budget for the day. Don’t get sidetracked and blow it on things that you didn’t intend to purchase.

Bring a shopping partner

If you and a friend want to hit the same stores, go together. Having a shopping partner will allow you to hit multiple sections of the store at one time. And then one person to wait in the checkout line while the other person finishes up the shopping. Be prepared for pushing and yelling among other customers — don’t get involved. Just get your own items and move on as quickly as possible.

Don’t miss the web-only deals

We all know about Cyber Monday, but many retailers are also offering special web-only deals on the days leading up to Black Friday. Some of these sales are beginning the Monday before Thanksgiving and last through Thanksgiving evening. Check out these sales — you may be able to find the items you want without braving the lines at the stores.

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